Welcome to Aloha Data Recovery, where we strive to provide the best service in the Islands and offer solutions to all of your needs, all with a touch of Aloha!

We start by assessing your device and diagnosing the root of the data failure. Once we have determined the problem we move on to secondary steps to get an accurate quote of the parts and labor making up the total quote. Once we have determined this we contact our client with a quote. Upon approval of the quote we promptly source the parts required and begin the recovery process. Repairs range in varying time frames. A rush/priority service is available for an additional $50 for time sensitive cases.

Only after we are able to recover the data do we accept payment. Except for priority fees which are non-refundable, due to the nature of expediting the case to quickly and effectively diagnose the device. If we are unable to recover the data we do not charge for the labor of the attempt. Please do not try to recover the files off of a failing drive yourself, it may make it impossible to recover your important files. Call Now and we will do everything possible to recover the data through software.


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